Partnerships for a Better World

At Black Mamba, our mission extends beyond merely creating delicious hot sauces. We are dedicated to transforming food ecosystems, the advocation of ethical practices, and spearheading a revolution in food production and consumption. That’s why we are excited to announce our partnership with food rescue and redistribution charity, UKHarvest, who are committed to preventing food waste and combating food insecurity.

UKHarvest: Nurturing Communities and the Planet

UKHarvest has established itself as a leader in the social and environmental spheres with a clear mission: to prevent food waste and combat food insecurity. By collecting perishable and ambient foods from supermarkets, hotels, farmers, and more, UKHarvest redistributes these foods, free of charge, through 16 community food hubs and to charities across the UK. UKHarvest also offers educational programs both in–house and online from both their West Sussex Hub and their award-winning community kitchen Nourish Hub based in London, all designed to educate and empower communities to reduce food waste in their homes. In doing so, UKHarvest not only provides food to those in need but also fosters social inclusion and community well-being.

Their approach focuses on caring for people, communities, and the planet, expanding social enterprise opportunities, and collaborating with local organisations, charities and partners.

Black Mamba’s Values

At Black Mamba, we believe that good food should be good for you, good for the planet, and good for people. We consider ourselves food rebels, inspiring ethical foodies to challenge the status quo. We are committed to promoting regenerative agriculture, supporting small local producers, and creating an inclusive and positive environment for everyone.

Our goal is to bring the soul and flavour of Africa to the world with bold and unique tastes that challenge and excite the palate. We strive to build a better world through good food practices and conscious choices because we believe every choice and every bite can make a difference.

A Partnership for Change

The collaboration between UKHarvest and Black Mamba represents a powerful union of two organisations dedicated to improving the social and environmental impacts of food waste. For every bottle of sauce sold, Black Mamba will donate a portion of the proceeds to UKHarvest. This gesture will not only help fund UKHarvest’s initiatives to reduce food waste and support those in need but also promote greater awareness about the importance of consuming food ethically and sustainably.

Both organisations share core values: sustainability, ethics, and community dedication. Through this partnership, UKHarvest and Black Mamba demonstrate that good practice and social responsibility can go hand in hand with high-quality, delicious products. By supporting small farmers and promoting environmental regeneration, Black Mamba directly contributes to UKHarvest’s mission to educate and empower communities.

This collaboration provides an opportunity to share our story, cross territorial boundaries, share the rich African culture, and foster multicultural dialogue through food. Black Mamba and UKHarvest are dedicated to leading by example, inspiring others, and building a sustainable future.

This partnership gives us hope and is a testament to how strategic alliances can
significantly impact society and the environment. Together, we will show that it is possible to enjoy good food while doing good.

Join us in this spicy revolution and let’s make a positive impact together because good food and good choices can change the world!
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