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Hot Facts about Black Mamba

Are you a little curious about Black Mamba, our chilli sauces and how the whole business came to be? Step right up! We love sharing our story, and have been dishing out hot facts about our biz for a while now. 

Here’s the whole collection in nice bite-sized pieces, so you can learn all about how we do what we do and what we’re all about. You might also learn a few cool facts about chillies and other hot stuff in the process…

  • Chillies are SO good for you! These little nutritional powerhouses are packed to the brim with vitamin C and antioxidants (and more!) that help your body to stave off disease and keep all its vital cellular processes in check. Plus, when you enjoy Black Mamba chilli sauces, you can also rest assured that the chillies in question are good for the planet and the community since it's grown & harvested in an ethical way. WIN-WIN!
  • Black Mamba co-founder Joe is a born and bred Swazi boy and he's crazy about chillies.
  • Our team is composed of 10 women and 2 men. Call us gender-biased ;) #womenrule
  • We have an amazing partnership with an NGO called GUBA that trains local communities in permaculture practices and organic farming. We buy our fresh produce from the small-scale farmers who have been trained by GUBA. They get a fair price, and we get organic ingredients. That's what we can a #Hotdeal!
  • We created a range of chutneys! Made with locally sourced fruit, these condiments strike the perfect balance between sweet and spicy. Have you tried it yet?
  • We really care about the people we work with, and the environment (it's not like we have an extra planet!). Our vision is to become a cult brand connecting chilliheads across the world to generations of growers, providing proof that planet and people matter.
  • Claudia, our co-founder and CEO (Chilli Enthusiast Officer) is originally from Colombia. This is one of the reasons why our products have so much flavour and fire!
  • We are proud members of SWIFT (Swaziland Fair Trade Network) - because we do believe that a better world is a fairer world!
  • We started cooking our chilli sauces on an old gas burner in the back of our house. We have made a bit of progress since then!

Now you know! Check back soon for some more Hot Facts from the Black Mamba team. We will be sharing some more insider insights here in the weeks and months to come. In the meantime, remember to keep an eye on our social pages to stay up to date with new launches, epic giveaways and more 🔥

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