Protects our Product & Planet!

How Black Mamba packaging protects our products & the planet!

At Black Mamba, we really love the fact that the chilliheads and ethical foodies who support our brand actually give a hoot. See, the type of people who enjoy our chilli sauces, pestos, chutneys and jams, really care about the impact they have on the world. This is why they choose to support ethical producers and buy products that tread gently on the earth. 

As such, we decided to make a point of bringing the whole notion of eco-friendly branding home with our packaging. All of our products are already packaged in glass, which can either be reused or recycled very easily. But that's not all! We have now also found a way to ship your delicious Black Mamba products to you without using any bubble wrap or plastic!

That's right! After doing a LOT of research and testing a LOT of packaging, we have finally found a series of solutions that work. So, from here on out, you will receive your Black Mamba order wrapped in dimple paper (a paper-based, eco-friendly alternative to bubble wrap developed right here in South Africa), packaged in cardboard boxes that are sealed with paper tape and accompanied by notes on seeded paper that you can plant to grow your own herbs at home!

It makes us very happy to have reached this point, and we look forward to making even more moves to make our business more eco-friendly in future. 

Disclaimer: Please note that our sphere of influence ends at our door. As such, you may find that certain shipping agencies or couriers may take it upon themselves to cover our boxes and containers in plastic. We are working on these processes and will continue to fight the good fight.


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